Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Here we go again..

Wow! I still can't believe it and don't want to jinx things, but we're back in action! After a semi-drunken good time wine tasting and learning good news from a close friend this past January, I had a gut feeling. On the way back to MA, I stopped at a Walmart, even though I wasn't late yet, bought a pregnancy test and took it right there in the restroom. Low and behold, I was pregnant again! We think we may have even conceived on Christmas Day, talk about a Christmas miracle!

The two months since that moment have been a whirlwind of worry. Like crazy, out of control anxiety. I check the TP EVERY time I go to the bathroom, fully convinced that something MUST be wrong. It's sad really losing that brilliant innocence of our 1st pregnancy. Despite weight gain (some in the right places :)) I've refused to buy anything and have been dealing with too tight pants and bras for a couple of weeks. Mentally, I just keep worrying that we'll lose this baby too.

After our 1st exam at weeks 6, I had some spotting the following weekend. We of course thought the worst and headed to the Dr. Contrary to what we thought, everything was PERFECT. Baby measured exactly at 7 weeks and had a strong hb of 132 (normal is 120-180)! Going in a week early meant waiting an extra week between appointments and me counting the days...

All the in between went swimmingly. I'm one of the (lucky) few who have no morning sickness. I know in the end that is good news, but after a M/C, I'd like to have more symptoms to keep me convinced everything is ok. My breasts have been tender on and off and growing like crazy and I've been tired, but all in all, 1st trimester has been a breeze. The only real setback is this killer cold I've been fighting for a week. Note to you all - DO NOT get sick while pregnant - you will NOT get better in a hurry!

Today was a real turning point for us...we went in for our 11 week appointment (well, 11w4d) to hear the baby's hb on the doppler. I was so full of anxiety the whole morning that I could barely eat anything at all. Doctor had some problem hearing the hb over my own rapidly beating heart...butttt, she finally got it, and found it again 5 or 6 times. While the doppler doesn't give an exact BPM, she said it was clearly at least twice mine! :)

On the way home I caved and bought a Bella Band from Target that will allow me to wear my regular pants for another month or so and took a breath of relief. At this point, our chance of miscarriage dips below 2%, so we can start looking to the future with love and hope.

What's next? The official end of the 1st trimester March 11, another HB check at 16 weeks March 25th, then going in for the big gender U/S 2 weeks after that! Oh, and the little thing of telling work tomorrow...*gulp*.

One last piece of advice - check out They help track your pregnancy week by week and give you a visual of how big your baby is - we started at a poppy seed and will be a lime on Saturday. They also have a GREAT community of message boards with ladies that are in the same boat as you!

More updates to come!

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