Friday, March 25, 2011

Feeling better every day...

Between my expanding stomach and good news at doctor's appointments, I am finally beginning to breath easy(ier). I had the pleasure of going in today to see Dr. Scannell for a check-up with both Jesse and my mom. We waited for what seemed like forever until the doctor came in with the doppler. Unlike last time where it was rough to hear the heart beat, she got a strong heartbeat in seconds! We all breathed a collective sigh of relief and coupled our celebration with an official date for the gender ultra sound...April 14th! Mom and I enjoyed a tasty and leisurely lunch at the Sole afterward and I'm on track for a great weekend ahead!

I've been feeling great lately minus an insane bout with insomnia. For the past week I have been up, literally all night. Tossing, turning, getting up to use the bathroom, counting sheep, the works. I got permission from the doctor today to take a Benadryl once in a while and encouraged me to get back to working out. I intend to follow her advice and will be back at the gym April 1st!


  1. Meg!
    I'm so happy everything is turning out so well! I can not wait to hear if it's a boy or girl. So exciting! Hope you get some sleep soon. Love you!

  2. I had a wonderful time, can't wait to meet our first grandchild! You look amazing! I love you, this is one of the best gifts you have given me, only topped by your birth!

  3. The lack of sleep this must be common... both Heather and my coworker are having trouble sleeping as well! I'll have to share the Benadryl tip!