Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One thing down, 5 million to go

After many a trip to Babies-R-Us, I am happy to say our registry is COMPLETE! We've reviewed and previewed most everything on it and dragged baby-savvy friends with us to make sure we've gotten what we will both need and want.

Some of the items we're most excited about include our bedding set (Baby Lion King!), all of our big furniture item and all of the too cute for words accessories. I've already begun building baby boy Weeks a wardrobe (Babies-R-Us has had a BOGO free sale on their clearance clothes). Yesterday, I was able to get 6 items for $20! This is going to be one well dressed little boy!

Now, we're counting down to getting to the half-way mark, I'm 18w4d now, which means it's less than 2 weeks until the big 20-week marker! Excitement is definitely in the air!

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  1. So funny thing, Gary and I want the same Lion King set if we have a boy. I think we're more alike then we thought!