Monday, April 11, 2011

Is it Thursday yet?

AHHHH I can not take it one more day!!! Insomnia is back in full force - dragging me through sleepless nights and scatter-brained days. I chalk this all up to our nervous anticipation of Thursday.

Most parents are excited to find out the "sex" - from the perspective of having a loss, this scan is MUCH more than that. People confuse this scan with a simple analysis of genitalia, but in reality, it is much, much more than that. During this appointment, the tech takes a careful look at every aspect of the unborn child. She looks at the brain, the spine, the bone structure, the chambers of the heart, the digestive system, then finally, the genitalia. Here, what is really important is that our baby is healthy and has no indicators of birth defects. For more info on the anatomy scan:

We are of course looking forward to finding out the gender, that way we can hone in on our final name selection and register for gender-based items, but for now, we need your prayers. Pray that is baby is happy and healthy in there, waiting impatiently to meet us as we are waiting impatiently to meet him/her!


  1. Everything is going to be ok. Just breathe and relax. I'm sure the baby is healthy, and happy. Gary & both work during the day on Thursdays so please send us a text and let us know how it all goes! Love you!