Sunday, April 24, 2011

The great movement game

Doctors will tell you to start feeling "flutters" of movement early in your second trimester. Many women describe these early movements like butterflies fluttering or even similar to gas bubbles. Obviously, this is a sign that baby is doing well and moving his way around the womb.

I haven't had such an easy time getting too feel baby Weeks. My cousin didn't feel her baby move until 23 weeks and I've spoken to many women who have had similar experiences, but, as you know, I am a worrier, so I wanted movement weeks ago. I've tried the laying on your left side after eating trick and have gotten something a time or two, but nothing truly distinctive. I have a rather strong pulse myself so end up just hearing the beat of my own heart instead of hearing any magical butterfly-like movements.

While driving, I've gotten a pang or two in the right "spots" but have been told that baby kicks don't really hurt so have chalked all that up to growing pains. But, last night I'm sure (well, like 85% sure) I finally felt it. At exactly 19 weeks during an epic church service I felt what was like a little tap on the lower part of my abdomen. Then, I felt it again, and then one more time. My face lit up with indescribable joy at the simple wonder of that moment. As to add more credence to my discovery I felt the same feeling relaxing at Easter today. I'm hoping this keeps up and completely solidifies my certainty, but either way, it was a magical holiday.

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