Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weeks 1-8, I mean 6?

Pregnancy is a piece of cake (remind me to re-read this in a couple months).

Since the big day, it's been relatively smooth sailing. I've been crankier than usual, eating more than usual, my breasts have been tender and slightly larger. But that's it. I've kept up my exercise routine, encouraged by my two amazing trainers to keep on going throughout this entire process.

The biggest change so far has been dietary restrictions. I never thought of myself as a real coffee addict until I had to give it up. I often wonder if it is the pregnancy that is making me so damn tired or the lack of caffeine in my system. Also on my list of no's: alcohol (which has been very easy to stay away from), lunch meat (slightly harder), hot dogs (I actually ordered one by accident at a concert this past week, took one bite, remembered I can't eat hot dogs, and threw it away), soft cheeses (very sad), tuna and swordfish, and sushi (I actually like avocado and sweet potato sushi just as much as the fish kind).

The hardest part of me so far is to stop worrying. We want this baby so badly, that the thought that everything may not go perfectly is heartbreaking. I spent about a week spending WAY too much time reading pregnancy blogs, trying to get to the bottom of how common it is to miscarry. I spent large portions of every day seriously freaking out, and honestly thanked God aloud when there was no blood on the TP when I used the bathroom. I've started getting better at taking each day as it comes over the last 3-4 days, but that has a lot of to do with our appointment this past Friday!

We met Dr. Neary for the first time very early Friday morning. According to my calendar, I should have been 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant, but upon ultra sound inspection, they found me at only 5 weeks 6 days.

Sidenote: When we were first thinking about having a baby, we told ourselves that we would NEVER have a baby in March. My grandmother, my twin brothers, my father, my grandfather, along with a handful of cousins have March birthdays. For us, March is Christmas part two - there is no way to stay out of the red. When we thought we were almost 8 weeks pregnant, the due date was Feb 20th, but now that we are pushed back, you guessed it, the new due date is March 5th. Even though this isn't what we intended, it may be a sign that this baby is meant to be born the Jones way :)

The baby had a strong heartbeat at 102 bpm - Jesse and I literally wept with joy as we "saw" our little one for the first time. The almost 2 week lack is most likely due to some odd ovulation on my part (and maybe explains why it took so long for us to conceive). The doctor let us know that when you can see the baby's heartbeat and there's been no bleeding, chances for miscarriage drop to under 5%, letting us truly breathe a sigh of relief.

We get to go back for another ultra sound on the 20th to ensure baby weeks is growing well - and I am pumped!

Other than kicking this pain in the butt July cold out of the way, I am looking forward to everything to come, especially for a cruise to Canada with my best friends!


  1. How come you can't eat hot dogs or cold cuts? Too much sodium?