Sunday, July 11, 2010

Every story has a beginning..

Ever since I was little, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. A mom.

Fortunately, I was lucky to meet Jesse Weeks in December 2005.

Here's the story: we worked together, I knew "of" him, he knew "of" me, but we did not know each other. At a curriculum development meeting, I waved him over to take the seat next to me. We made some small talk where we both mentioned we liked to ski/snowboard. A week later, he comes to my classroom and asks me to go with him sometime. Having no idea this was a date (I'm not sure he knew either) I was totally relaxed when the big day hit. We hit it off immediately, he bought me dinner, then, late in the evening, while looking up at the stars, he went in for the kiss. As he dropped me off back at my apartment, he presented me with a beautiful bouquet of roses (which apparently were going to his dad who had broken his ribs that day if the "date" didn't go well). I called Kristina and my mom the next day, very confused, "I think I went on a date last night". Not a week later we went on our second date, a 6-hour excursion in Boston, then our second, then our third...

Jesse proposed on our one-year anniversary on a cliff that overlooked the ski mountain where we had our first date. 10-months later we were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in 80 degree October weather. 3 months later we adopted a puppy, Parker. 8 months after that, we bought a house. Somewhere in the middle, Jesse started law school at night, leaving him with 14+ hour days, and me with more housework than any one person can imagine. That left only one thing missing...

To be honest, the process wasn't as easy as I thought. I have to give credit to South Windsor Public Schools and my parents for some serious sex-ed scare tactics. At 25 and married, I was convinced that as soon as I had unprotected sex, I would get pregnant. That was not the case. We tried for almost a year that was coupled with let downs and tears followed by acceptance and calm. Right at the point where we were considering seeing a doctor to make sure nothing was "wrong", I was late. I remember taking the pregnancy test on June 15th with complete nonchalance, convinced that there was no way I was pregnant.

But I was. And I am. And that's where our story begins...with a question, a kiss, and the absolute LOVE of a lifetime!

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