Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The HIPA aka the world's biggest pain in the ass.

We've had it with my doctor.

1) I called from my hotel as I saw the bleeding yesterday. Never talked to the doctor.
2) I called back after being in the E.R. for 8 hours. Was told doctor was going to call me back.
3) Left my phone by my bed to wait for call. 8am came. 9am came. 10am came. By 11 we had it and called ourselves. Still didn't talk to doctor.
4)Around noon, the receptionist called back. Not the doctor. Last straw.

Additionally, doctor never asked for my blood type during first appointment, so missed by need for the shot I got yesterday.

You're fired.

Except I have to jump through a thousand hoops to get there. Every time you switch doctors, you have to fill out a HIPA form designed to "protect" your privacy. Except if you don't own your own fax machine, this means you have to go in person and fill out this stupid form.

Seeing as I don't see myself driving down to Manhattan to get my records, I had to get a HIPA form faxed to J's dad's store, scan my license, have his little brother print it out, have his other brother drive it to the store, fill out the form for me and fax it back (thanks, guys). To get my records from my current crappy OB-GYN, J's driving to Worcester with my id, filling out the form, then coming back after an hour of driving (thank, love).

If we can get our driver's license online, buy just about anything under the sun, do our banking via the internet, why can't they just e-mail us a release via a secured server?

Sigh. At least we're moving forward though!

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