Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Searching for the right work out

I've been pondering ways to spice up my workout routine lately. Pre-pregnancy I've been a work out nut since I can remember. From dancing and playing sports since I could walk to triathlons and half-marathons in the last couple of years, I am someone that NEEDS to move.

Although I've been having fun on my 2-mile course (I've now worked out 8 days in a row), running has been increasingly difficult lately. First, baby Weeks has been pushing against my bladder like crazy making each bit of the jog painful. Second, months without yoga has made the post-run even more painful. Thus, I've been searching for prenatal yoga classes. One offered in West Boylston at Central Mass Yoga is only on Monday nights and runs from 7-8:15 and when you calculate the 20 or so minute drive back home after class makes it a late night.

Then, a colleague recommended me to Mothers and Company ( also in West Boylston. They are a combination store/prenatal classes/child classes place that is made of win. Another colleague of mine who is due in December decided to sign up for tonight's Wednesday prenatal yoga class. The drop in rate was $15 which was less expensive than most around and if we liked it, they offer a 5-week rate for $67 which is totally doable.

Walking in, I was impressed right away. They carry a great selection of nursing, cloth diapering, organic, and maternity wear. Then, they have a long hallway of different classrooms and even a pool! Unfortunately, that's where my journey ended. Our instructor was a no-show! The woman at the front desk was completely apologetic and kind, she offered both of us a full refund, a free class Friday that would have ice cream to follow, and some sort of gift certificate.

Check back after Friday night for a full update (hopefully) on what the yoga experience is truly like!

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  1. I'm sending you an article from my magazine about a pregnant woman who figured out how to keep running while she was pregnant. I didn't read it all (for obvious reasons) but hopefully it will help you!