Monday, June 27, 2011

Here are my confessions.

I love pregnancy. It is a joy and a blessing. It is everything that I thought it would be and more. But, I am human. And under 30. I went close to 26 weeks or 6 full months not missing anything, well not missing anything much. The last couple weeks have been a different story. I miss things.

Here's the short list:
  • Sam Summer at sunset. Or at baseball games. Or anywhere, really.
  • Margaritas with Mexican food.
  • Tubing down Western Mass rivers.
  • Waterparks.
  • Amusement Parks.
  • Flying. California.
  • Shaving my lady parts in less than a blind, awkward 20 minutes.
  • My thighs not sticking together when I run. Or walk.
  • Looking hot in bathing suit. Looking hot in anything.
  • Goat cheese in any form, especially on grilled pizza.
  • Sangria. Sangria. And Pinot Grigrio.
  • Competing in triathlons/half marathons.
  • Getting sexy in a less than awkward manner.
  • Hot vinyassa flow yoga.
  • All of Kate's Powerhouse classes.
  • Lifting heavy things.
  • Never asking for help.
  • Being completely spontaneous.
  • Highlighting my hair.
  • Going more than 30 minutes between bathroom breaks.
  • Oysters. Preferably with pinot grigio.
  • Tuna, swordfish, salmon.
To be fair, the reward is WELL worth the sacrifice. I love my changing body, even if it's not sexy. I love every kick, every movement, I literally grin every time he moves. I love the fact that I am literally GROWING life inside of me. I love sharing these moments with Jesse and seeing the unconditional love in his eyes for me and his unborn child. I LOVE picking out and looking for baby stuff. I love the thought of playing with baby Weeks, loving baby Weeks, hell, I love the thought of changing his diapers (don't tell Jesse that part). I wouldn't take any of this back, even for a second, I'm even planning on when we're going to have baby #2. But, someday, when I look back on this blog, I want to know that I am not a perfect pregnant angel. I have a different perspective than those who haven't had a loss, but I too have flaws, I too have misgivings. But I love my baby more than anything in this world already. I just can't wait to meet him.

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