Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OMG there is a car seat in my car!

And baby Weeks is scheduled to make his arrival in 3.5 weeks! Last Saturday, J's parents through us a slightly less than traditional, but fun nonetheless baby shower. The non-traditional aspects are slightly overwhelming to type out, but make for a good story :)

Everyone was full of love for our soon to arrive bundle of joy and really made the day enjoyable! We were blessed with even more gifts for baby Weeks, including his crib (thanks to my in-laws), swing and high chair (thanks mom and dad, you rock!), and his stroller system (big thanks to my brother and soon to be sister in law, speaking of whom were the best ever all day, I don't know what I'd do without them!). We were also lucky enough to receive a lot more baby clothes, diapers and accessories, making our shopping nearly complete. I have to do a small run to BRU tomorrow, but it should wrap it up!

Speaking of nearly wrapped up, with the crib in the room and most of our wall hangings up, the nursery is just about done! I'm waiting on one more decal to get here (http://worddecor-n-more.com/item_331/KING-OF-THE-JUNGLE-Kids-Wall-Art.htm) to complete the room, then there will be pictures galore!

We were able to build the swing, stroller, snap and go stroller - and put away our loot today as well. Most importantly, we installed baby's car seat! I'm getting it inspected by the State Police on Thursday to ensure we did a good job, but OMG I HAVE A CAR SEAT IN MY CAR. It's funny what little things can make everything seem so real. Just looking behind me and seeing the seat ready to go makes me nearly burst in anticipation! Soon enough I'll be holding my miracle in my arms. I just can not wait!

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